Preparing your workshop


As an animator, you will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of a book that could be published on our website. The process could be overwhelming if it is not organised adequately and there is no proper workflow methodology, especially since each workshop is unique and the present guidelines need to be adapted to each specific workshop situation and the participants. We have prepared a simplified workflow that is easy to follow and implement in any scenario.

 Here are the 4 main steps in the workflow that you will need to follow in order to establish the right environment for the creation of children’s books:

 – Envision: Make the workshop your own: personalise the guidelines so they fit the purpose of your workshop

 – Create: Build a creative environment

 – Format: Use Scribus to put the text in the book template

 – Finalise: Use the right tools to work together

Keep reading to learn more about each step!


We provide guidelines for you to organise your workshop, but you are free to adapt and make changes as you see fit. We provide a Booklet for participants to prepare on their own for the workshop, but of course you may edit or add additional guidelines.

To prepare for your workshop, you will need to think about what you will do before, during and after the workshop.

Here are a few things you should consider in order to shape your workshop the way you would like it to be:

 – The place: what space will you use? How will you arrange it?

 – The presentation: how will you explain your expectations clearly, while encouraging the participants in the creative process?

– The materials: what resources will you make available? How can the participants use them? For example, you could make our current books available to students beforehand, or provide them with a link to a list of the most common words in the English language, to help with readability

 – Support: go around the various groups and participants, and do your best to make yourself available to them, and don’t hesitate to spend time with and encourage the shy participants

 – Timing: clearly mark the main steps of the creative process, without forgetting to also make time for calm moments and breaks

 – Exchange: smile! Be accessible! And above all, don’t forget to encourage the participants to exchange with one another.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to put yourself in the place of the participants beforehand. If you had the blank page before you, how would you react? What questions would you need answered? Through anticipating their questions, you will be able to answer them better.

 Before starting the workshop, you will have to contact a member of the BookHoof team and they will send you a link for you to upload the final versions of the books. We need the specific folder structure that will be discussed later to be absolutely respected when you upload the books.

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