Finalising your workshop


Here are the materials we recommend for your workshop to keep the process running smoothly.

Although you could use any online platform (Dropbox, Google Drive), we recommend you use the sharedocs file direct. Participants can upload their works once they have finished. Each group of participants can bring together all of their content into one folder, compressed with WinRAR or Zip.

This folder should contain the following elements:

               – A sub-folder with all of the images you will be using (PNG, JPG?)

               – A text file (word, office writer…) in which we can find the complete story (if possible, also   indicate which fonts you used)

               – The Scribus project file (.sla) or your InDesign assembly folder

               – A PDF file created with the software you used for editing (it will serve as a “screenshot” of your work, to help us at BookHoof if we need to tweak a thing or two before putting it online)

                        Once you have received all the files from the participants of the workshop, they should be finalized and then uploaded to the shared folder space whose link has been provided. Once again, the uploaded file must be a compressed file, the contents absolutely respect the file structure given above.

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