Looking for partners

If you’re not already the aforementioned partner, chances are you would like to use our method to run a workshop but do not know where to start. We, at Bookhoof, can and will help you in the process, but most of the time it will mean that we’ll start a partnership with you and the organization you work with / would like to work with.  

If you are alone, we encourage you to look at our already existing partnerships. It’ll help you understand what type of institutions we are used to working with.

Do not worry though, if it seems to you that we’ve never worked before with someone in your field of work/study, it doesn’t mean at all that we’ll never do it. On the contrary, we are keen on expanding our horizons, and you should try to reach us.  

Contact us (link towards contact form / mail). Explain who you are, and what type of workshop you would like to set up.

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