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Drafting up an agreement 

Once this first discussion happened, we’ll need to work alongside you to draft up an agreement between your institution and ours. Most of the times, it simply means that the books resulting from the workshop you’ll organize will be labelled as the result of a co-editing process. Hence, we need to agree on certain aspects of our partnership. Keeping track on which institutions we work with is the easiest way for us to ensure we are on the same page as them. So please fill in our registration form as soon as we have agreed on working with you.  

Setting a time and date

This could be called “organization 101”. But if you want us to be able to help you, please let us know of when and where you’ll be hosting your workshop. This other registration page is made for you. Do not hesitate to start with an estimation and tweak the details as you progress. And who knows, you might even be able to have one of us coming to your aid in person during the workshop if our schedule allows it.  

The 8 Variables

We have identified 8 important variables which you must consider before you start your workshop. We have made two examples out of our previous BookHoof events namely, Hackathon Memory and Semaine de L’Alliance, to help you in the process.

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